Dr Nero is the head of H.I.V.E. (Higher Institue of Villainous Education). He is also a member of G.L.O.V.E. and one of the most formidable super-villains alive.


Not much is known about Nero before he came to GLOVE and founded HIVE. He once mentioned he had a "mis-spent youth".

He founded HIVE in the 60's initially it was located in Iceland but something happened causing it to be re-located to a dormant volcano in the pacific where it remains.

Higher Institute of Villainous EducationEdit

Dr Nero first appears when he gives the welcoming speach to the new students who have just arrived. He is contacted by Number One, the head of GLOVE, a mysterious and shady character no-one knows much about; Number One instructs Nero to look after Otto, keeping an eye on the student and making sure no un-due harm comes to him. Nero is curious but knows better than to inquire further. From then on he keeps a close eye on him.

Later in the book, Nigel accidently creates a giant, mutant plant called Violet which goes on a rampage throughout the school. When Wing is about to be injured by the plant, Nero shoves him to one side at the last moment. The headteacher of HIVE collapses to the ground, having received a harsh blow to the chest by one of Violet's barbed tendrils.

WIng round Nero's neck an amulet, he immediatly recognizes it, to his shock, as the missing half of his deceased mother's yin yang necklace.

The Overlord ProtocolEdit


Dr. Nero is descibed as having sleek, black hair. He is rather tall and handsome. He isn't young nor is he old. He has a good sense of humor and calm appearence.

He is a formidable super-villain, one of the best, and has the presence about him to go with it. His weakness though, is HIVE and it's students, his life's work and ultimate achievment, and several times in the series this weakness has been used against him.


Whilst he is not known to be much of a martial artist he is known to have some degree of proficiency in that area.

Nero comes into his own as a leader, capable of making decisions, even very hard ones for the good of GLOVE and HIVE.


  • Raven - Nero's most trusted bodyguard and assassin, she carries out all his important missions. Nero and her are close friends.
  • Professor Pike - Nero's oldest friend both get along well though Nero does occasionaly get irritated by him and Ms Leon as they often argue with one another.