Dreadnought is the fourth book in the H.I.V.E. series. It was released on September the seventh 2009.


The arrival of new student Lucy Dexter causes some confusion among the students, although they quickly befriend her. On their way to a training mission, they briefly visit the Dreadnought, a new mobile command center for G.L.O.V.E. However, the mission is cancelled when the Dreadnought becomes attacked by a rogue G.L.O.V.E. member. Nero, Raven, and the students narrowly escape, but Diabolus Darkdoom is left behind and enemy agents that are sent after them.They soon discover that Lucy Dexter is actually the Contessa's Granddaughter and can control people with her voice, which is useful for the adventures they go on. They attempt to rescue Diabolus and foil the plan to use American weaponry, controlled by Air Force One, to set off a super-volcano and destroy civilization. While they succeed in rescuing Darkdoom, Otto must stay behind on an out-of-control Air Force One to disarm the weapon, and he passes out after being in a plane crash, leaving him in the custody of the U.S. Government. Trent speaks to the president then injects the Animus Fluid into Otto.

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