Interception Point was released for World Book Day 2009 in a omnibous with Spook's Tale by Joseph Delaney. It is set on the timeline between Escape Velocity and Dreadnought, and is referenced in Dreadnought.


Otto and his three felow H.I.V.E. students are on a mission. A top-secret thermo optice suit has been captured by special forces and must be retrieved before the forces of 'good' can analyze it.

The only problem is that the suit is being transported to a secure fecility on a high-speed armoured train with the latest automated defense systems.

Otto and Wing have a plan to retrieve the suit but so do Laura and Shelby.....

The race is on to see who can get the suit first but as the train speeds through the mountains of Europe it becomes clear that this might just be on elaborate trap.....

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