Laura Brand is an Alpha Stream student. She was born in Scotland, but was taken to H.I.V.E. after she had attraced the attention of her local millitary since she hacked into their network in order to "hire" surveillance equipment that she used to spy on a girl at her school she suspected to be gossiping about her.

At H.I.V.E. became fast friends with Otto Malpense, Wing Fanchu and Shelby Trinity. She was part of the foiled attempt to escape, and has since then embraced H.I.V.E. as her new home, where she excells in technological aspects. She has been named one of the best systems analysts at H.I.V.E. after Professor Pike and possibly Otto.

She cares deeply for her friends, especially for Otto since she has feelings for him, but is reluctant to display it. Shelby is aware of her feelings though, and often makes jokes regarding it. She is especially fond of the schools artificial intelligence named H.I.V.E.mind, and is visibly saddend in the events that it/he is taken offline.

During missions, she is usually paired up with Otto to take on technological aspects. She usually doesn't participate in fighting, but has done so before, usually met with success. She isn't very good at driving vehicles, given her nickname "Roadkill Brand".