Lucy Dexter is the grandaughter of the Contessa, her real name is Vicontessa Lucia Maria Sinistre and has the ability to control others with her voice. She has long jetblack hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

In DreadnoughtEdit

Lucy first appears in Dreadnought at the beginning of the book when she is put in the Alpha Stream, she soon makes friends with Otto, Wing, Shelby and Laura. Lucy asks to be put in their team for the ninety-three percenter, a training program in the Arctic.

She then gets caught up in the fight on the Dreadnought and is taken to the safe house with the others, but the safe house is infiltrated by the villain, Trents, men and Lucy is captured along with Laura, Raven and Shelby and taken to a facility in Nevada. Later in the book an order is given to have her along with Shelby and Laura to be executed, Lucy then uses the voice to stop the guard from shooting them and tells the other two girls who she really is and tells them that it was Dr. Nero who offered her a place at H.I.V.E. as her grandmother kept her a virtual priosoner in her house.

In Zero HourEdit

Lucy has some romantic times with Otto. Lucy and Otto kissed during their talk and got Laura jealous. Near the end when Overlord tried to shoot Otto, Lucy shoved him out of the way and got shot twice in the back of the thigh. When Otto refused to leave her side Lucy used her voice to forced him to leave. When Otto could not hold the urge to leave he kissed lucy's forehead and put her head down gently. When Otto asked why she did it she replied "there always has to be a choice" "and because the moment I met you I fell for you." R.I.P Lucy Dexter - You Will Be Missed.