Professor Theodore Pike is in charge of the Science and Technical department at H.I.V.E. ., he is one of Dr. Nero's few and trusted friends. Even though he's quite old and sometimes appears absent minded his mind is still razor-sharp. He is the creator of H.I.V.E.mind the schools A.I. and has created various other gadgets, amongst them are Raven's two high-tech katanas that can cut through almost anything, given to her in the Overlord Protocol.

He is at odds with Ms Leon, due to the fact that she blames him for becoming stuck in her pet cat's body. Pike tempoarly takes control of H.I.V.E. when Dr. Nero sometimes leaves for a while, in Escape Velocity he is in charge of H.I.V.E. for three months and is shocked, like the rest of the teaching staff, when the Contessa becomes the Headmistress. The Contessa later forces Pike to shut down H.I.V.E.mind using the voice, unbeknownst to her Pike manages to transfer H.I.V.E.mind into the body of one of the robots that he kept after Cypher attacked the school.