Rogue is the fifth book in the H.I.V.E. series and was release on the third of May 2010


Key members of G.L.O.V.E. are being assassinated and Dr. Nero discovers that Otto, who has been missing for several months since the Dreadnought affair, is behind the attacks.

Otto has gone rogue.

In a deadly race against time, Raven and Wing must find Otto before the order to eliminate him can be carried out. Their pursuit takes them to a secret facility hiddendeep within the Amazon rainforest, where they face a mysterious operative even more deadly than Raven....


Otto has been infected by Animus, an organic supercomputer which turns him into their slave, due to H.O.P.E. With a superhuman assassin called Ghost, he attacks members of G.L.O.V.E., leading Darkdoom to order his execution. Nero sends Raven after him, and Wing stows away with her to try to save Otto, but the pair of them are captured by H.O.P.E. Meanwhile, Laura and a newly-freed Cypher help to investigate a mysterious computer program causing power failures at H.I.V.E., which they believe to be Overlord , but is actually H.I.V.E.mind rebuilding himself.

Cypher takes advantage of his freedom to seek out Wing - who believes he is dead - at H.O.P.E.'s base, accompanied by Laura, Shelby and Lucy as hostages. The girls escape him and free Raven, and when Otto begins to resist Animus, Wing escapes to join them. When Otto distracts Ghost, Raven slices Ghost's head off, but Cypher finds the group and attempts to kill Otto in order to protect the world from Overlord. Cypher is shot dead by Wing, and Otto is nearly taken over by Overlord, but Laura uses the neural pulse device to eject Overlord and Animus from his system, nearly killing Otto in the process. Sebastian Trent attacks them, but he is taken over and killed by Animus. The students return to H.I.V.E., where Otto recovers, Dr. Creed is infected by Animus and becomes Overlord.

Overlord has combined with Animus and is free to move from host to host, but each dies quickly and he seeks out Otto as a permanent home.

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