The Contessa is teacher of Political Corruption training at H.I.V.E. She has the sinister ability of being able to control people with her voice, only a few people are mysteriously able to resist its effects.

In the Overlord ProtocolEdit

In book two of the H.I.V.E. series it is revealed that the Contessa is working for supervillan and G.L.O.V.E. ruling council member, Cypher. She betrays H.I.V.E. and puts Francisco, Block and Tackle under her control to help her take over H.I.V.E. At the end of the book she is defeated by Laura and Shelby after they escape from being kiddnapped from her, she is then taken to Number One.

In Escape VelocityEdit

In Escape Velocity, Dr. Nero is kiddnapped by the evil organisation H.O.P.E. and Number One sends in a replacment head teacher and to everyones suprise at H.I.V.E. it turns out that the replacement is the Contessa. The night she is made headteacher she has the whole school knocked unconscious with a gas and Otto, Laura, Wing and Shelby are taken out of their rooms and taken to the launch bay to be escorted to Number One. Just before that happens Raven appears on the scene and rescues them.

The Contessa is later asked to install a device that would murder the whole Alpha stream, she is unable to launch the device and forms a temporary alliance with the school teachers and staff to win back H.I.V.E. from Number One's elite squad the Phalanx. At the end of the book she gives up her life to destroy Number One's Reapers, a group who are his assassination squad.

The Contessa is revealed to have a grandaughter, Lucia Sinestre aka. Lucy Dexter who appears in Dreadnought.